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Sunday, December 15th

We will be ordering pizza – $5/person

Everyone should be bring a change of clothes to hang out in.

We will have some Christmas games and activities. If you would like to bring your own card/board game please do so.

Everyone, who would like to, wear a pair of Christmas socks. (Kohl’s has some really nice for cheap right now.) This will be fun!

We will be meeting in the Kids Zone Sanctuary since our Youth Room isn’t complete at this time.

Since this is a Sunday PM service day, the lock-in will last until the PM service. Please make arrangements for transportation home after the PM service.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Merry Christmas!


It was great to see all of you who were able to make at the Parent Connect last Friday evening.

I am working on 3 different reviews to post here in the next few days.  The reviews will be of the following: Pastor Libby’s session, Pastor Sean’s session and mine.  They will come in 3 different posts.  I didn’t want to put them all in one post and it just be dragged on and on.  Those kind of post can be hard to read all the way through.  🙂

I will send out the links when they are completed.

God bless you.  You are an amazing parent.

Just for Fun …

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Check out this video.   Post your answers to on here as a comment.
Have fun!!

A few months ago we were challenged in one of our Youth Service to pray around the clock.  I would like to re-challenge everyone to do this.  This will be a challenge to your flesh (human side of you), because it doesn’t want to sacrifice time away from your personal stuff.

You don’t have to let us know what time you are taking.  We may do an actual schedule in the future, but for now, it important that everyone is praying.  PLEASE realize the seriousness of a prayer life.  Just think, when we don’t pray, we are telling God, “I don’t need You”.  Of course none of us would never actually say that.  But, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, right?

So, LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER!!  I will be doing it with you.  My wife will be doing this as well.

No Prayer … No Power!!  Little Prayer … Little Power!!  Much Prayer … Much Power!!!  This is so true.

Here are some of things that we need to pray against SWAT. (Be aggressive in your prayer):                           Insecurity … Disobedience … Lack of self confidence … Depression … Gossip … Fighting … Bad attitude … Lust … Easily angered … Heartache … Lack of anger control … Cussing … Being worldly … Grumpiness/bad attitude … Probing … Pain … Fear … Laziness … Disrespectful … Lying … Bitterness … Pride … Jealousy … Ungodliness … Carnality

Pray that these things stay away from our Youth Group.  We don’t need these things pulling us down and distracting us.

Things to pray for to happen in our Youth Group:                                                                                         Deliverance … Holiness … Virtue … Purity … Respect … Love for the things of God … Love for the truth … Love for the word … Unity-that we love each other … Revival in our schools … Live a life of worship … Togetherness … Individual revival … Faithfulness to church and events … Souls … Passion

A Youth Group that is positive and godly will proper and be what God needs us to be.  Pray these things for yourself individually and for the Youth Group as a whole.

Call these things out and get specific.  When you get specific, God gets dynamic.

SG and I love you guys.  You can do this!  Your prayer life matters.

The forms are now available.  Here is a link to get them: HYC Permission Slip and Medical Release Form.

Trip cost is due on December 11th: $105.  THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE REGISTRATION   Please let me know once you have registered online.  

Let me know if you have any questions.




It will be here before you know!!!  HOLIDAY YOUTH CONVENTION (HYC).

This is a new event for our District.  We will be joining up with the Virginia District and doing a combined HYC.  We typically have Youth RIOT in February.  This event will be taking place of RIOT.  So, you want to be sure to start planning now, so you can attend.

LOCATION: Richmond, VA

DATE:  The dates are December 28th – 30th.  Everyone will be out of school because it is right after Christmas.  We will be providing Transportation from Christian Life Center.


Registration deadlines and cost:  September 16th, 17th & 18th … $49.99, September 19th thru November 30th … $60.00, December 1st thru December 28th … $75.00.

You can register at


SPEAKERS:   VA Supt. Jack Cunningham, VA Sec. Michael Blankenship, MD/DC Youth President Jason Staten, VA Youth President Gary Pearson, Cortt Chavis, Akil Thompson, Omar Jolly, Mike Mitchell, and others.

THEME: “Vintage … Returning to Apostolic Heritage”  God is calling a generation of Apostolic young people to rise up!!!  This THEME is perfect for what God is trying to do in and through our young people.

I will be sharing more information with you in the near future.  THE MAIN THING right now is registration.  If you want to the pay the $49.99, that has to be done by Sept 18th.  If you need help figuring  out  how to do that (website, etc…), please let me know.

When you do register online, please let me know.

Any questions???  Call/text – Cell: 240.315.5109 or Office: 301.926.3761, ext 105 … Email – or … Or come see me at church.


MD/DC Youth Camp is just around the corner.  June 27th – July 1st at the VA District Campground.

The first payment cut off has past.  The cost now until June 19th is $155.  After June 19th, the cost goes up to $165 and can only be paid in cash or money order at the door. 

Camp is always a great oppurunity to grow closer to God and to each other.  It is also a great way to meet new Apostolic friends.  This year our speakers will be Brocc Chavis (Cortt Chavis’ older brother) and Jimmy Toney.  Bro Chavis will be ministering to us during the day sessions.  Bro Toney, who was here in 2010 for Youth RIOT, will be ministering in the evening services.  Both of these men of God will bless every participant!! 

Do whatever you can to make it to camp!! 

Mom/Dad/Guardian: do whatever you can to get your young people to go to camp. 

If you are in need of a sponsor, please let me know; I will put you down on the list.  Some times sponsors do come in, but it’s a first come first serve basis.  So, if you need to be put on list, let me know ASAP!

There will be more info coming to you in the near future about transportation.  We will have a pre-Camp meeting on Sunday, June 26th, which is the Sunday before camp.  I will answer any questions you may have at this meeting.  If you have questions or concerns that you need to be answered now, please let me know. 

Forms and Info – Click on these links: Camp Application with Rules, Suggested items to bring.  If you need anymore info that is not provided here, please contact me.  Cell – 240.315.5109, Office email –, Home email –

I am looking forward to your student/young person(s) coming to Summer Camp this year.