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This information is for Christian Life Center members who are interested in going to NAYC.

What is NAYC?  Youth Congress is a bi-annual event that our Organization (United Pentecostal Church) provides for young people all over the world.  15,000 – 18,000 young people will gather together at the in an arena of Convention Center.  We will worship together; we will pray together; and we will respond to the preached word together.   It is an amazing site to see thousands of Apostolic teenagers and young adults gathering for a life-changing experience!

Where is NAYC?  This year Youth Congress will be in Louisville, KY at the KFC Yum! Center.  Address: 1 Arena Plaza, Louisville, KY 40202

When is NAYC?  The date of the event are August 7th – 9th (Wednesday – Saturday).  We, as CLC will be leaving on Tuesday, August 6th and will arrive back on Saturday, August 10th.

Who can come?  9th – 12th Graders will be able to come without their parents.  If anyone one in 7th or 8th Grade would like to come, their parent or a parent responsible for them will need to attend as well.

What is the cost?  This year’s cost for Youth Congress will be $190.00

What does the cost cover?  The $190 for Youth Congress will cover: Transportation and Hotel.  (It will not cover registration.  Each participant will need to register themselves online or onsite at NAYC.  And it will not cover food cost.)

How much is Registration and how do I register?  There are 3 levels of registration: 1) Early bird: $30 by May 10th, 2) Pre-Registration: $40 by June 14th, 3) Registration: $50 by July 12th (this is also the cost when you registration onsite at Congress).  Go to this link to register:  **Please let me know if / when you register.

When is the money due?  The payments will be in 2 parts of $95.  The first $95 will be due May 26th.  The second payment of $95 will be due July 7th.  (At this time is when I will need to make any necessary adjustments to the amount hotel rooms we will need.**Reminder: Registration cost is not included in this amount.  You will need to go online (info above) and register.

What will the schedule be?  We will arrive in Louisville Tuesday evening.  We will get checked in to the hotel, then go out to eat together.  On Wednesday morning we will go to a nearby mall and hang out there for a few hours.  Services start Wednesday evening.  The schedule is pretty full all day Thursday and Friday.  If you want to see the NAYC schedule, go to this link:

How much additional money should I bring?  The best way to answer this is to give you our day schedule:  Tuesday – we will stop for lunch on the way, and then eat dinner that night.  Wednesday – Continental Breakfast at the hotel.  We will go to a local mall, shop and eat lunch there, then eat a meal after church that night.  Thursday & Friday – Continental Breakfast at the hotel.  We will be in sessions most of the morning into the afternoon.  We will go grab some lunch after the sessions, and then eat a meal after church that evening.  Saturday – Continental Breakfast at the hotel.  We will stop for lunch while traveling back home.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered in this communication, please let me know.

God bless you. Have a wonderful day!

Richard B. Glass, Youth Pastor, Christian Life Center |, 240.315.5109


It was great to see all of you who were able to make at the Parent Connect last Friday evening.

I am working on 3 different reviews to post here in the next few days.  The reviews will be of the following: Pastor Libby’s session, Pastor Sean’s session and mine.  They will come in 3 different posts.  I didn’t want to put them all in one post and it just be dragged on and on.  Those kind of post can be hard to read all the way through.  🙂

I will send out the links when they are completed.

God bless you.  You are an amazing parent.

A few months ago we were challenged in one of our Youth Service to pray around the clock.  I would like to re-challenge everyone to do this.  This will be a challenge to your flesh (human side of you), because it doesn’t want to sacrifice time away from your personal stuff.

You don’t have to let us know what time you are taking.  We may do an actual schedule in the future, but for now, it important that everyone is praying.  PLEASE realize the seriousness of a prayer life.  Just think, when we don’t pray, we are telling God, “I don’t need You”.  Of course none of us would never actually say that.  But, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, right?

So, LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER!!  I will be doing it with you.  My wife will be doing this as well.

No Prayer … No Power!!  Little Prayer … Little Power!!  Much Prayer … Much Power!!!  This is so true.

Here are some of things that we need to pray against SWAT. (Be aggressive in your prayer):                           Insecurity … Disobedience … Lack of self confidence … Depression … Gossip … Fighting … Bad attitude … Lust … Easily angered … Heartache … Lack of anger control … Cussing … Being worldly … Grumpiness/bad attitude … Probing … Pain … Fear … Laziness … Disrespectful … Lying … Bitterness … Pride … Jealousy … Ungodliness … Carnality

Pray that these things stay away from our Youth Group.  We don’t need these things pulling us down and distracting us.

Things to pray for to happen in our Youth Group:                                                                                         Deliverance … Holiness … Virtue … Purity … Respect … Love for the things of God … Love for the truth … Love for the word … Unity-that we love each other … Revival in our schools … Live a life of worship … Togetherness … Individual revival … Faithfulness to church and events … Souls … Passion

A Youth Group that is positive and godly will proper and be what God needs us to be.  Pray these things for yourself individually and for the Youth Group as a whole.

Call these things out and get specific.  When you get specific, God gets dynamic.

SG and I love you guys.  You can do this!  Your prayer life matters.

Check out our YouTube Channel. We are going to try to keep up with this a littel (a lot) better. :-)